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Hardware Key Management: The Foundation of High Assurance Encryption

Hardware Security Modules (HSM) are dedicated crypto processors specifically designed for the protection of the encryption key lifecycle. HSMs act as trust anchors that protect an agency’s cryptographic infrastructure by securely managing, processing, and storing cryptographic keys inside a hardened, tamper-resistant device.

HSMs provide protection for transactions, identities, and applications by securing cryptographic keys and provisioning encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services for a wide range of applications.

SafeNet Assured Technologies Luna SA for Government

A network-attached HSM protecting encryption keys used by applications in on-premise, virtual, and cloud environments

Luna SA for Government

SafeNet Assured Technologies Luna G5 for Government

An USB-attached HSM that is ideal for storing root cryptographic keys in an offline key storage device.

Luna G5 for Government

SafeNet Assured Technologies Luna PCI-E for Government

An embedded HSM that protects cryptographic keys and accelerates sensitive cryptographic operations.

Luna PCI-E for Government