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SafeNet Assured Technologies provides high assurance identification and authentication solutions that bring two-factor authentication to applications and networks where security is critical.

SafeNet Assured Technologies Smart Card 650

The Smart Card 650 (SC650) is the most secure, certificate-based smart card available today. Supporting numerous algorithms, X.509 digital certificates and on-card certificate validation, the SC650 enables strong two-factor authentication and proof-positive user identification in all Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) environments. The smart card contains a custom smart card ASIC, the SCC650, developed by SafeNet Assured Technologies. This SCC650 ASIC is a highly trusted design fabricated at a trusted foundry and implements a security architecture found in other SafeNet Assured Technologies certified ASICs.

SafeNet Assured Technologies sKey3250

The sKey3250 provides users with simplified access to sensitive networks and workstations through a single authentication device. It offers U.S. Federal agencies an alternative solution to traditional smart card authenticators. sKey3250’s USB form factor eliminates the need for smart card readers thus enabling the solution to be easily deployed on a wide variety of platforms.

SafeNet Assured Technologies High Assurance Client (SHAC)

SafeNet Assured Technologies High Assurance Client, the middleware that manages SafeNet Assured Technologies authentication devices, allows organizations to secure access to their digital resources and implement certificate-based authentication solutions such as digital signing and disk encryption.

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