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Data Encryption Solutions for Government

While network perimeter security technologies provide a necessary layer added layer of protection, they cannot be relied upon as the foundation of a data security strategy. A breach will happen. Traditional perimeter security is no longer enough to protect your data.  The best strategy is to apply protection to the data itself through encryption thus ensuring that even after the perimeter is breached, data assets remain secure.

SafeNet Assured Technologies offers industry-leading encryption solutions from Gemalto that help agencies create a secure environment though data encryption and centralized key management.

Encryption Solutions

To lessen the danger posed by both internal and external threats, federal agencies need to encrypt sensitive data moving between or residing in physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments.

Data-in-Motion Encryption Solutions

SafeNet Assured Technologies delivers Gemalto’s world-leading, certified high-speed encryptors to federal agencies to secure data-in-motion. SafeNet High-Speed Encryptors from Gemalto  ensure the most secure data-in- motion protection, maximum performance, near-zero overhead with “set and forget” management, and lowest total cost of ownership for speeds up to 10 Gbps. The first choice for Layer 2 encryption, these solutions are field-proven to secure data in transit for federal agencies. SafeNet high speed encryption solutions from Gemalto protect data in motion, including time-sensitive voice and video streams, as well as metadata for government agencies.

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Data-at-Rest Encryption Solutions

SafeNet Assured Technologies offers Gemalto’s portfolio of data-at-rest encryption solutions to federal agencies. These solutions deliver unmatched protection—securing databases, applications, file servers, and storage in on-premises, cloud, and virtual environments. They seamlessly integrate with SafeNet KeySecure, Gemalto’s FIPS 140-2 up to Level 3 validated enterprise key manager for centralized key and policy management.

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