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  • Partner List
    Partner Name SafeNet AT Integrated Solution Integration Type
    90Meter High Assurance Authentication
    Amazon Web Services KeySecure
    AppViewX HSM
    Axway HSM
    Blue Prism HSM
    CyberArk HSM
    Cohesity KeySecure
    Dell EMC KeySecure
    Entrust Datacard HSM
    Enveil KeySecure
    F5 HSM
    GigaTrust KeySecure
    HashiCorp HSM
    HID Global HSM
    Hitachi Vantara KeySecure
    HPE KeySecure
    HyTrust HSM
    Infoblox HSM
    Information Security Corporation (ISC) HSM
    Intercede High Assurance Authentication
    Klas Telecom KeySecure
    MarkLogic KeySecure
    McAfee HSM, KeySecure
    Microsoft HSM
    NetApp KeySecure
    Nutanix KeySecure
    Palo Alto Networks HSM
    PrimeKey HSM
    RackTop Systems KeySecure
    Red Hat HSM, High Assurance Authentication
    Rubrik KeySecure
    Splunk KeySecure
    SwiftStack KeySecure
    Tintri KeySecure
    UiPath KeySecure
    Venafi HSM
    VMware KeySecure
  • Integration Opportunities

    Hardware Security Module (HSM) Integration

    The SafeNet AT Luna HSM for Government provides crypto acceleration, signing, key generation and key storage capabilities with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or Level 3 certification.  Communication with the HSM takes places over a Network Trust Link (NTL) which is an encrypted and authenticated secure communication channel established between the SafeNet AT Luna Client and the HSM.   Available in both Linux and Windows versions, the SafeNet AT Luna Client provides multiple APIs for integrating with the HSM:

    • PKCS#11, Microsoft CAPI, Microsoft CNG, Java JCE/JCA, Open SSL
    Luna SA for Government Luna G5 for Government Luna PCI-E for Government


    Key Management Integration

    KeySecure for Government is a centralized key management platform that supports a broad encryption ecosystem for the protection of sensitive data-at-rest across traditional or virtualized data centers and public cloud environments.  Communication with KeySecure takes place over a secure SSL/TLS connection established with the client application.

    KeySecure supports the following two key management protocols to facilitate key operations:

    • KMIP – the industry-standard Key Management Interoperability Protocol established and maintained by OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards).
    • NAE-XML – a SafeNet-proprietary key management protocol that predates KMIP and provides an advanced set of cryptographic and key management capabilities.  NAE stands for “Network Attached Encryption.” 

    In addition to direct integrations that can be achieved by applications already supporting one of the above two protocols, SafeNet AT offers a ProtectApp “connector” which provides APIs for the following:

    • PKCS#11, Microsoft CAPI, Microsoft .NET, Java JCE/JCA, *ICAPI

    *ICAPI is a SafeNet-proprietary, conventional C API interface for cryptographic and key management operations. 

    KeySecure G460 KeySecure G350v KeySecure G160

    High Assurance Authentication

    The SafeNet AT Smart Card 650 (SC650) and sKey3250 USB authenticator were designed to provide built-in cryptographic and data container management for all private and sensitive functions, while giving enterprises the ability to add new applications/applets to address future requirements. They securely store the user’s credentials, such as digitally-signed certificates, private keys, and network login credentials, and seamlessly support secure key generation, secure key storage, encryption/decryption, and digital signature processing (sign and verify).

    SC650 sKey3250
  • Integration Types

    SafeNet AT Certified PartnerCertified Integration

    A Certified Integration is an integration that has been performed by the SafeNet AT after having gained access to the partner’s technology. As a result of the integration, SafeNet AT has in-house knowledge of the partner’s technology, and a SafeNet AT-branded Integration Guide or other documentation exists for the integration.

    Verified IntegrationSafeNet AT Verified Partner

    A Verified Integration is an integration that has been performed by our Integration Partner or a third party. As the result of the integration, documentation has been produced that provides step-by-step instructions on the steps necessary to do the integration, as well as other relevant information such as the versions of the products involved. This documentation has been provided to SafeNet AT and has been reviewed.

    In support of Verified Integrations, the SafeNet AT Integrations Team can provide technical support, and as necessary, access to SafeNet AT products for test purposes applicable, signed NDAs and evaluation agreements may be required.


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