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Information sharing has become critical to maintaining national security. Agencies need to communicate mission-critical information between people, organizations, locations, communities of interest, and security domains, while ensuring exchange of correct and authorized data with authorized recipients.

To solve this problem, agencies need to employ a cross domain solution that provides assured information sharing with the ability to securely transfer information between two or more differing communities of interest or security domains.

Multi-Domain Exchange System (MDeX System)

The MDeX System securely manages the transfer of voice, video, and data across multi-level security domains. This adaptable plug-n-play solution provides assured information sharing so that right data is shared with the right recipients, while rigorously enforcing your information sharing policies.

The MDeX System enables sensitive information to be shared between organizations to address mission critical problems such as:

  • Cybersecurity Situational Awareness
  • Disaster Response
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Defense and Intelligence Coordination
  • Cloud Assurance

SafeNet AT Cross Domain Solution Portfolio: