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  • Overview

    Ruggedized Cross Domain Solution

    In tactical environments, mission-critical information needs to be shared between people, organizations, locations, communities of interest, and security domains, while ensuring exchange of correct and authorized data with authorized recipients. 

    SafeNet Assured Technologies’ Multi Domain eXchange (MDeX) System for Tactical Environments, an assured information sharing and cross domain solution, provides a reliable, secure, and configurable means of transferring information between domains.  

    The MTS-R, the MDeX System’s core appliance for tactical environments, provides consistent Multi-Level Security (MLS) services regardless of application protocols and data content filtering needs. It establishes a stable and verifiable framework in which mission managers can implement concurrent yet controlled information flows with various communities of interest and security domains.

    Small Form Factor
    The MTS-R is based on a MIL-SPEC 810 ruggedized Small Form Factor (SFF) platform that has been optimized to operate within SWAP-constrained vehicle and aircraft platform configurations and harsh environments. Through SFF, the MTS-R provides all MDeX System enterprise capabilities.

    Plug and Play Architecture
    Diverse protocol-based edge interfaces, (Security Domain Intermediary (SDI) agents), supply the edge interface for connectivity between security domains and the MTS-R, allowing for ready integration of the MTS-R within existing mission UDP streaming, standard file sharing, or other protocol-based exchanges.
    The MDeX System’s protocol and content filter APIs enable missions to add new protocols or content filters without changes in the security support structure.  As a result, missions can deploy MTS-R configurations with minimal certification impact and minimize accreditation timeframes.

    Memory Based Operations
    The MTS-R’s memory mode operations enable rapid ingest and delivery of transferred content.  Log data is off-loaded to external repository and policy content is maintained on removable media.  Policy is instantiated at boot.  All content is cleared as part of post-operation sanitization.

  • Features & Benefits

    Small Form Factor

    • 4.5”x12”x9” 
    • 7.52lbs
    • MIL-STD-810 Operational Temperature, Storage, Humidity, Altitude, and Vibration
    • MIL-STD 461
    • DC Power

    Plug and Play Architecture

    • Modular Design
    • Certify Once, Accredit Many
    • Protocol and Filter APIs

    Memory Based Operations

    • High speed transfers
    • Minimal data footprint
    • Rapid sanitization

    MTS-R Appliance

    • Ruggedized
    • Up to five (5) mission ports/domains
    • Lightweight carbon-based chassis

    SDI Applications

    • SafeNet AT protocol clients and obligations

    Obligation API

    • Application Programing Interface (API) for porting existing content filters or integration of new content filters on the MDeX System’s MTS-R appliance


    • The SDI API allows for legacy or unique application protocols to interface with the MDeX System’s MTS-R appliance
  • Use Cases

    Customer Problem

    MDeX System for Tactical Environments Solution

    Cyber Security and Situational Awareness

    • Aggregates sensor, management, and monitoring data from diverse domains to mission and enterprise services.

    • Enables situational awareness through the dissemination of reports, delivery of alerts/tips and C2

    Cloud Assurance

    • Enables data to be safely shared  between cloud environments (e.g.  private to private clouds, public to public  clouds,  etc.) by governing information flows to ensure they meet organizational information sharing policies.

    Supply Chain Security

    • Facilitates the risk management process by controlling the exchange of intellectual property, contract data, and sensitive system design secrets.

    DoD and Intel Coordination

    • Provides government agencies a communications solution that offers unprecedented speed, security and flexibility unlike any of the solutions currently approved for use in these environments

    Disaster Response

    • Enables sensitive information to be shared between communities of interest in mobile, tactical, and disconnected environments