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Implementing encryption is fundamental for security but as the number of encryption solutions increase, the number of encryption keys and associated key stores grow. Security teams struggle with the administrative effort of managing not only encryption deployments but also the associated key lifecycle operations. Data is only as secure as the system managing the keys that protect it. A centralized enterprise key lifecycle management solution is crucial for managing the keys protecting the data.

  • Overview

    KeySecure for Government manages cryptographic keys and associated policies for a broad range of data-at-rest encryption solutions including a suite of  data protection products and numerous third-party encryption solutions. KeySecure for Government is available in three platforms designed for deployment across physical, virtual, and public cloud environments.

    Developed in the U.S. for Government Use

    Developed for U.S. Government use, KeySecure for Government manufactured, sold, and supported in the U.S. exclusively by SafeNet Assured Technologies.

  • Available Models
    Core Solution Cloud Solution Field Solution
    G460 G350v G160
    Enterprise-level centralized key management platform that manages cryptographic keys, certificates and applications Enterprise-level virtual key management platform that protects cryptographic keys Compact, cost effective cryptographic key management platform for small to medium sized deployments commonly found in small offices, remote sites, and tactical environments
    Use Cases: Data Encryption, Backup Media, Storage, Applications Use Case: Key Management for Cloud Infrastructures Such As VMware or AWS Marketplace Use Cases: Storage, VM Encryption, Data Encryption, Applications for Remote Environments
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  • Features

    Single, centralized platform. Manage cryptographic content (keys and related data) and applications

    Use Case Expansion. Transform your key management appliance into a server that includes support for SafeNet encryption products

    Lower Administration Costs. Lower the cost of key management and encryption with centralized administration and automated operations

    Simplify Compliance. Efficiently audit key management practices, save staff time, and simplify attainment of compliance mandates with efficient, centralized auditing of key management practices such as FIPS 140-2, PCI-DSS, HIPAA

    Environment Independent Key Management. Key management policies and procedures are consistent whether deployed in a traditional data center, virtualized data center, cloud or a hybrid environment

    Risk Mitigation with Maximum Key Security. Tamper-proof hardware options and hardened virtual appliance supporting a hardware root of trust with a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or 3 Luna for Government hardware security module

    Lower Total Cost of Ownership. Leverage a continuously growing list of 3rd party technologies leveraging SafeNet encryption products and the OASIS KMIP standard

    Multi-Tenant Solution. Includes a breadth of features to optimize performance, security, and usability in a multi-tenant environment offering numerous capabilities used to ensure separation of tenant keys and administrative capabilities


Download a free trial of KeySecure G350v with a complementary 60 day evaluation license for your VMware Infrastructure

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KeySecure for Government Provides Greater Security to VMware Environments Using Carahsoft’s Consumption Purchasing Program

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