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Secure Data-in-Motion with High Speed Encryption

Protecting network transmitted data against cyber attacks and data breaches is imperative for federal agencies. Data network eavesdropping, innocent error or technical failure, data tampering and data theft have all become commonplace. The implications of a significant breach are often catastrophic. Only encryption may ensure that your agency’s data remains protected while transmitted across data networks and links. However, not all encryption solutions are the same.

Robust encryption (also known as high-assurance encryption) features secure, dedicated encryption devices. In order to be truly high assurance, these devices must use embedded, zero-touch encryption key management; provide end-to-end, authenticated encryption and use standards-based algorithms.

Only through high-assurance network data encryption can you be assured your data is rendered useless in unauthorised hands and that it will remain secure beyond the data’s useful life.

SafeNet Assured Technologies offers federal agencies Gemalto’s high speed encryptors that include: small form-factor 10Mbps to 1Gbps devices; carrier-grade 1Gbps to 100Gbps and 10 x 1Gbps to 10 x 10Gbps multi-port rack-mounted units. They support all topologies, Ethernet and Fiber Channel protocols and SPB virtualization. They operate in full-duplex mode at full line speed, with no packet loss.

CN Series Layer 2 Network Encryptors

  • CV1000 Hardened Virtual Encryptor  for Extended WANs and SD-WANs
  • CN9000 Series 100Gbps High-Assurance Mega Data Encryptor
  • CN6000 Series 1Gbps-10Gbps Scalable, High Assurance Ethernet Encryptor
  • CN4000 Series 10Mbps-1Gbps Versatile and Compact, Entry-level Ethernet Encryptor

Management Platform

  • SafeNet Security Management Center (SMC):Robust, web-based enterprise grade network management for high speed encryptors that streamlines management of SafeNet Network Encryptors