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  • Overview


    SafeNet High Assurance High Assurance Client links applications to sKey6500 and SC650 certificate-based hardware authenticators, providing full local administration and support for multiple security applications. With this middleware, private keys can be generated and stored on-board highly secure smart card-based authenticators allowing users to securely carry all their digital credentials wherever they go.


    The SafeNet High Assurance High Assurance Client is available for Windows and Linux operating systems, so your organization can take full advantage of certificate-based security solutions ranging from strong authentication, to password management and digital signing, from virtually any computer. The SafeNet High Assurance Client provides domain awareness that is compatible with the SafeNet SC650 Multi-Domain smart card. This allows for protection against inadvertent card insertions.


    Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is based on a key pair assigned to an entity by a trusted authority: a private key which is known only to the designated entity, and a public key (digital certificate) which is available to anyone. The success of the PKI solution depends on the degree to which the private key is kept secret. Storing private keys on the computer leaves them vulnerable to physical and malicious software attacks. By storing users’ private keys on-board personal secure smartcard-based authenticators, SafeNet keeps secret credentials safe from unauthorized access and ensures your certificate-enabled solution is a success.

  • Technical Specifications

    Cryptographic Algorithms

    • DES, 3DES
    • SHA-1, SHA-256 
    • RSA up to 2048 bit
    • AES 128 and 256 bit
    • ECDSA
    • ECDH and others

    Supported Operating Systems

    • Windows 7
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Server 2008 /R2 
    • Windows Server 2003 / R2 (32 and 64 bit for all platforms)
    • Citrix XenApp / Linux RedHat Enterprise 5 (32 and 64 bit)

    Supported APIs

    • PKCS#11
    • Microsoft CAPI

    Supported CAs

    • Microsoft
    • Entrust
    • VeriSign

    Supported SafeNet Authenticators

    • skey6500
    • SC650
    • 330G3
    • SC400
  • Features
    • Transparently operates with any standard certificate-based security application allowing organizations to deploy multiple applications including secure access, data encryption and digital signing with a single authenticator
    • Support for numerous security applications on a single platform allows organizations to streamline security operations
    • Multi-platform support allows organizations to use certificate-enabled security capabilities from any client or server
    • Support for CAC and PIV-capable tokens
    • Strong two-factor authentication for network and data protection
    • Seamless integration with any certificate-enabled application based on industry standard APIs
    • Support for Window XP / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows 2008 / Windows 7 / Citrix XenApp / OSX 10.5 (Leopard) / Linux RedHat Enterprise 5 (all 32 and 64-bit support)
    • Password management support for Windows
    • Multi-domain usage in support of the SafeNet SC650 Multi-Domain smart card
    • Support for match-on-card biometric tokens to allow for an even higher level of security
  • Resources
    SafeNet AT High Assurance Client Product Brief
    Product overview with technical features and specifications.

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