SafeNet Assured Technologies is a trusted, U.S. based source for tactical cyber security solutions that protect active mission-critical data from the headquarters to the field. Our solutions bring the same level of security deployed at the core to disconnected environments.
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Core-Level Security Extended to the Tactical Field

True data protection extends beyond the core. Agencies need to apply the same level of security deployed in the core to the tactical field. That means extending your data protection ecosystem, where data and cryptographic keys are secured and managed, and access and distribution are controlled, to tactical and mobile environments. 

SafeNet Assured Technologies is a trusted, U.S. based source for tactical cyber security solutions that protect active mission-critical data from the headquarters to the field. Our solutions bring the same level of security deployed at the core to disconnected environments:

Our tactical cyber security solutions enable agencies to meet their immediate data protection needs while investing in a solution that provides robust security, a growing ecosystem, and the scalability needed to build a trusted framework for the future.  Our solutions can be cost-effectively deployed across enclave environments or scale to large number of disconnected environments. 

Extending Your Data Protection Ecosystem to the Field

Our solutions easily integrate into an existing cyber security infrastructure to extend your agency’s data protection ecosystem to tactical and mobile environments. Whether integrated with a third-party product or used as standalone solution, we can address a wide range of mission-critical challenges.

Field Deployed Data Center

Protect Cryptographic Keys in the Field
Our tactical cryptographic key management solutions protect and manage the cryptographic keys used to encrypt data in remote environments in a hardware appliance.

Tactical Cryptographic Key Management: KeySecure G160
KeySecure G160 enables agencies to protect and manage cryptographic keys and policies used to encrypt sensitive data-at-rest in remote locations. It brings core-level cryptographic key management capabilities to the tactical field. Our easy-to-integrate, small form factor hardware device is specifically designed for deployment in mobile or disconnected environments.
This cost-effective solution is conducive for deployments ranging from small enclaves to large disconnected environments. KeySecue G160 enables rapid tactical key destruction and recovery to keep mission-critical data safe even in the most hazardous zones.

Encrypt Data in the Field
Our field-friendly encryption solutions protect mission-critical data at rest and in motion in tactical environments.

Data-at-Rest Encryption
We offer  data-at-rest encryption solutions that protect mission critical data residing in databases, applications, files, and self encrypting drives in remote environments.  Our encryption solutions integrate with KeySecure G160 to protect manage associated cryptographic keys and policies. KeySecure G160 can serve as the hardware root of trust for our data-at-rest encryption solutions.

High Speed Encryption: CN4000 Series Ethernet Encryptor
We offer Gemalto’s CN4000 series compact Ethernet encryptor that encrypts mission critical data as its shared across enclave networks. CN4000 series encryptors bring the same level of network encryption deployed large networks to remote environments. CN4000 series encryptors featuring variable speed licenses up to 1 Gbps and can be deployed in point-to-point, hub and spoke, fully meshed, and multipoint-to-multipoint environments.

Control Access in the Field
Our strong authentication solutions secure access to multiple independent networks and protect user identities. Our easy-to-deploy solutions bring the same level of access control used to access DoD enterprise infrastructures to field environments.

Authentication: sKey3250
sKey320 is a high assurance USB authenticator that provides multi-factor access to sensitive networks and workstations through a single device. sKey3250, designed to MIL-SPEC 810, offers a field-friendly alternative solution to traditional smart card authenticators. Its USB form factor eliminates the need for smart card readers thus enabling the solution to be easily deployed on a wide variety of platforms. 

Share Mission Critical Data in the Field
Our tactical cross domain solutions enable mission-critical information to be shared between people, organizations, locations, communities of interest, and security domains.

Cross Domain Solutions: MDeX System for Tactical Environments
MDeX System for Tactical Environments, an assured information sharing and cross domain solution, provides a reliable, secure, and configurable means of transferring information between domains. The solution’s core appliance provides consistent Multi-Level Security services regardless of application protocols and data content filtering needs. It establishes a stable and verifiable framework in which mission managers can implement concurrent, yet controlled, information flows with various communities of interest and security domains. The core appliance is  based on the MIL-SPEC 810 ruggedized Small Form Factor (SFF) platform that has been optimized to operate within a SWAP-constrained vehicle, aircraft platform configurations, and harsh environments. Through SFF, the MTS-R provides all MDeX System enterprise capabilities.

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