SafeNet Assured Technologies is a trusted, U.S. based source for tactical cyber security solutions that protect active mission-critical data from the headquarters to the field. Our solutions bring the same level of security deployed at the core to disconnected environments.
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True data protection extends beyond the core. Agencies need to apply the same level of protection deployed in the core to the cloud and the field. That means creating a holistic data protection ecosystem where data and cryptographic keys are secured and managed, and access is controlled. 

We offer holistic data protection solutions that deliver the same level of security whether deployed in enterprise, tactical or cloud environments. Our solutions enable agencies to meet their immediate data protection needs while investing in a solution that provides robust security, a growing ecosystem, and the scalability needed to build a trusted framework for the future. Our solutions can be deployed in any environment and easily integrate into an existing cyber security infrastructure.

We offer solutions that address many of the most pressing cyber security use cases. Whether integrated with a third-party product or used as standalone solution, we can address mission-critical challenges such as:

  • Data-at-Rest Encryption: protection for web and application servers, databases, virtual machines, self-encrypting drives, files, and cloud data 
  • Data-in-Motion Encryption: protection for data-in-transit with ethernet encryption
  • PKI: certificate services, credential management
  • Digital Signatures: document signing, code signing
  • TLS Private Key Protection: break and inspect, web servers, API gateways
  • Key Lifecycle Management: on-premise, virtual, offline, tactical, and cloud key management
  • Authentication: network logon, document signing, email signing, and encryption

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