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  • Overview

    Gemalto’s portofilio of SafeNet multi-factor authentication solutions provide agencies with the freedom to choose from the most advanced authentication options available today, and flexibility to enhance and adapt solutions as requirements change.

    Whether it’s a simple One-Time Password (OTP) remote access solution or an advanced certificate-based solution to support applications such as digital signing or combined physical/logical access, Gemalto’s authentication solutions will meet all current and future security needs.

    With SafeNet Authentication Solutions Organizations Can:

    • Conduct operations securely and efficiently with innovative products that enable secure data access while protecting identities for employees, contractors, and constituents.
    • Reduce risk with strong authentication solutions that prevent fraud and data theft and enable regulatory compliance.
    • Expand options with a flexible range of strong, innovative certificate-based and simple to use OTP technologies that are easy to integrate, manage, support and use.

    Gemalto’s SafeNet Authentication Solutions are available to federal customers through SafeNet Assured Technologies.

  • Products

    SafeNet Authentication Solutions allow organizations to meet the IT challenges of cloud, mobility, and escalating threats with authentication management platforms that offer flexible and simplified service delivery, and which address numerous use cases with the broadest range of authentication methods and tokens

    SafeNet Authentication Service

    Delivers AaaS with flexible token options, enabling a quick cloud migration and protecting data from any source – from cloud-based and on-premise applications to networks, users, and devices.

    SafeNet Authentication Service Product Brief

    SafeNet Authentication Manager

    A comprehensive server for securing local and remote access to numerous corporate resources using a single authentication back end.

    SafeNet Authentication Manager Product Brief

    SafeNet Authenticators – Tokens, Smart Cards & other Form Factors

    OTP Authenticators

    eToken PASS

    The eToken PASS is a One-Time-Password (OTP) token that offers two- factor strong authentication in detached mode. eToken PASS is available in both time and event based versions.


    GOLD is an event-based One-Time-Password (OTP) token that offers two-factor strong authentication. It also supports challenge response functionality which offers an additional layer of security by generating the OTP only after users enter a PIN code on the token keypad.

    Certificate-Based USB Tokens (PKI)

    eToken PRO

    The eToken PRO is a smartcard USB token that provides two-factor strong authentication, advanced security applications, digital signatures and cost-effective password management.

    eToken PRO Anywhere

    The eToken PRO Anywhere is a clientless smartcard USB token that leaves zero footprint  on end-user computers. It combines the strength of certificate-based strong two-factor authentication with the plug-and-play simplicity and mobility of OTP.

    iKey 2032

    The iKey 2032 is a smartcard USB token that offers two-factor strong authentication, advanced security applications and digital signatures.

    iKey 4000

    The iKey 4000 is a smartcard USB token that offers multi-factor authentication with optional match-on-card biometric functionality.

    Certificate-Based Smart Cards (PKI)

    eToken PRO Smartcard

    The eToken PRO is a credit card form factor authenticator that supports password management, digital signatures, and advanced security applications.

    SafeNet Smartcard 400

    The SafeNet Smartcard 400 is a credit card form factor authenticator that supports certificate-based multi-factor authentication and advanced security applications

    Hybrid Tokens

    eToken NG-OTP

    The eToken NG-OTP is a hybrid USB token that supports both One-Time-Password (OTP) and certificate-based authentication.

    eToken FLASH

    The eToken NG-FLASH is a certificate-based strong authentication USB token with on-board encrypted storage. eToken NG-FLASH is available in various sizes ranging from 1GB to 16 GB.


    Mobile Phone- and Software-Based Authentication


    MobilePASS is a software-based One-Time-Password (OTP) authenticator that combines the security of two-factor strong authentication with the convenience of one-time passwords generated on personal mobile devices or PCs.

    eToken Virtual

    eToken Virtual is a certificate-based two-factor authentication solution which provides full PKI functionality such as secure remote access, network access and digital signing in a software-based solution.

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